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Harlene offers workshops, training, keynotes, and consultation around the world.

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2020 Travel Schedule

2020 Travel Schedule


January 22-25
Kanankil Institute

Information – ML Papusa Molina



4th International Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry Conference

April 27

More Information

4th International Psychotherapy, Counselling, & Psychiatry Conference 2020

Enfoque Niñez ICCP


Bedfordshire, England

Interview with Dr. Gail Simon

Information  – Gail Simon 


Grupo Campos Eliseos
Consultation Group

May 5 & 6

Information – Elena Fernandez

Anderson Salon

May 6

Information – Greg Fenberg 


Grupo Campos Eliseos
Consultation Group

May 11

Information – Irma Rodriguez

Sistemas Humanos ICCP

May 30

Information – Eduardo Villar


Ifasil ICCP

June 5

Information – Roxana Zevallos


Harlene Anderson , Sylvia London and Irma (Ñeca) Rodríguez invite you to join them for unique learning, bilingual-multicultural opportunity.
Enjoy their warm hospitality and immerse yourself in exploring postmodern/social construction collaborative philosophy and practices with people from around the world. Learn about the heart and spirit of collaborative practices—a philosophical stance—and experience it in action.


Being Rescheduled



Interview with Dr. Eli Karam – American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

July 10

Information – Dr. Eli Karam

Interfaci ICCP

July 10

Information – Marilene Grandesso

Our Lady of the Lake University
Marriage & Family Therapy Program

July 17 & 18

Creative Conversations Conference

Information – Stephanie Gabel 

FundaCes ICCP

July 18

Information – Adela Garcia




Marburg Institute for Systemic Practice

September 3 & 4

Small Symposium: Collaborative and Dialogic Practice


Center for Creative Dialogue ICCP

September 5 & 6

Small Symposium: Collaborative and Dialogic Practice

Information – 熙琄老師(課程助理)

Dialog and Collaboration as a path to the construction of a new and more human way of life

September 18 & 19

Small Symposium: Collaborative and Dialogic Practice


Marriage & Family  Therapy Program

October 5

Information – Diane Gehart


Instituto Diálogos

November 6 & 7

Collaborative Practice: Relationships and Conversations that
Make a Difference

Information – Marcela Arratia

Guadalajara Marriage & Family Therapy Diploma Program

November 20, 21 & 22

Information – Benjamín García Vela 


United States International University Africa

December 3