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Released: 21 June 2020

Author: Harlene Anderson

My brief presentation at the International Summer Institute (ISI) 2020 Zoom, June 21, 2020.

Coming soon...

From Counseling to Coaching Course​

Harlene Anderson and Diana Carleton

Learn the Basic Principles of Collaborative Coaching and How to Build a Coaching Practice.

A Course Designed for Mental Health Professionals

  •  Learn the similarities & differences between coaching & counseling
  • Identify & utilize your key counseling strengths & talents in coaching
  • Learn the basics of setting up your practice & promoting yourself
  • Participate in coaching & being coached exercises
  • Expand your horizons & create possibilities for your career.

This course is for mental health professionals who want to learn to be a collaborative coach and expand their personal achievements in life and work. It will provide an opportunity to develop
and integrate individual, group and organizational coaching into your practice.
Workshop includes assignments to enhance and integrate learning into your present
practice and create new career directions.