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June 21
Thank you!

Bilingual event
English and Spanish

Dear friends and colleagues,

June 21
Thank you!

The ISI has been a yearly gathering where we meet with friends and colleagues in order to connect, collaborate and construct.

Given the COVID crisis, this year we will visited together for a few hours on Zoom to imagine and create our connections and futures.

Best regards,

Harlene, Ñeca & Sylvia 

Harlene's Presentation
ISI 2020

Speaking, Listening, Responding, Hearing & Understanding:
An Orientation to the Intraactions of Dialogue.

queridos amigos y colegas,

Junio 21
10 AM to 1 PM CST

El ISI es una reunión anual en la que nos encontramos con amigos y colegas para conectar, colaborar y construir.

Dada la Crisis del COVID, este año nos hemos reunido a convivir por unas horas via ZOOM para fortalecer nuestras relaciones, e imaginar y crear juntos nuestro futuro.


Harlene, Ñeca & Sylvia 

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are postponing ISI 2020 until further notice.

Given the world situation and the health and sanitary crisis we are all immersed in, we are postponing ISI 2020 until further notice.

Regarding payments: If you had paid, we will reimburse the full amount paid.*

Regarding the hotel, cancellations will be made at no charge.

Let’s take care of ourselves and each other.

Best regards,

Harlene, Ñeca & Sylvia 

*Please contact for further details

Join us!

Harlene Anderson , Sylvia London and Irma (Ñeca) Rodríguez invite you to join them for unique learning, bilingual-multicultural opportunity.
Enjoy their warm hospitality and immerse yourself in exploring postmodern/social construction collaborative philosophy and practices with people from around the world. Learn about the heart and spirit of collaborative practices—a philosophical stance—and experience it in action.

Conference speaker/trainer, business-leadership consultant, author, psychotherapist

Therapist, teacher, supervisor and consultant

Therapist, trainer, community organizer and supervisor

Harlene Anderson , Sylvia London and Irma (Ñeca) Rodríguez te invitan a formar parte de una comunidad de aprendizaje colaborativo, una oportunidad bilingüe y multicultural en compañía de colegas de todas partes del mundo.

Disfruta de sucálida hospitalidad y explora la filosofía colaborativa posmoderna y socio-construccionista, así como sus aplicaciones en lo clínico, educativo y organizacional. San Miguel de Allende fue votado por Conde Nast Traveller desde 2013 como la mejor ciudad del mundo.

El Pueblo Mágico de San Miguel Allende y el Hotel Posada de la Aldea ofrecen una atmósfera colonial, casual y relajada para caminar por el pueblo, disfrutar la puesta de sol, y de actividades culturales; además de establecer redes profesionales, conversaciones y consultorías a lo largo del encuentro. Certificados de Educación Continua (CEU´s).

An Experiential Learning Community in Postmodern / Social Construction Collaborative - Dialogue across Cultures, Contexts & Disciplines

Immerse in exploring postmodern/social construction collaborative-dialogue philosophy and practice. Enjoy warm hospitality and interaction with people from around the world.

Learn the heart and spirit of collaborative-dialogic practice- a philosophical stance: see and experience it in action. Have ample time for conversations with colleagues and participants from around the world.

The Magic Colonial Town of San Miguel de Allende was voted by Conde Nast Traveller since 2013 as the best city in the world, Hotel Posada de la Aldea provides an artistic, relaxed and aesthetic atmosphere; walk the town, shop, enjoy fabulous sunsets and cultural activities; networking, around-the-clock informal opportunities for conversations.

Become part of a collaborative-dialogic international learning community with Harlene Anderson along with other professionals. Continuing Education certificates provided.

About Event

Beginning in the 70’s Harry Goolishian and Harlene Anderson invited a small group of professionals to Galveston for a week to think and work together around emerging collaborative-dialogic ideas and practices. 

These gatherings evolved into the International Summer Institute: a space for practitioners, researchers, scholars, and students to learn and share ideas and practices. Over the last twenty years the ISI convened in Mexico—as a bilingual event hosted by Harlene Anderson and Grupo Campos Eliseos colleaguesand grew in size and relevance within the international collaborative-dialogic community.

The International Summer Institute (ISI) is a significant contribution to these efforts. Importantly, it provides a space for practitioners to learn, share their work with others and further develop the growing international community of collaborative – dialogue practitioners.


The Institute is designed to meet the needs of participants with experience in collaborative practice and those new to it. The residential-symposium format allows for full immersion in collaborative-dialogic practices and its translation to a variety of contexts, cultures, and ‘client’ populations.

Format: bilingual didactic presentations, live consultations, experiential exercises, dialogue spaces, conversational clusters and socials. Participants love the time for “pop-up” activities the residential-symposium provides.

Dialogue Spaces:

Dialogue Spaces (DS) are designed to provide opportunities for participants to meet in small groups with a facilitator around topics of interest.

DS are organized during scheduled times and leisure time as well. Topics include research, clinical issues (i.e., children, couples, substance abuse, domestic violence, etc.), education and training, working in organizations and communities, coaching and more.

Benefit to attending the ISI:

  • Study with Harlene and international colleagues.|

  • Expand your creativity and competency in postmodern / social construction collaborative-dialogue practice.

  • Revitalize yourself and your practices.

  • Network and learn with other collaborative-dialogue practitioners from around the world.

Event Gallery

Meet, learn, create, relax and network with colleagues from around the world who share your interest in Collaborataive Dialogical Practices.



Contacten a Sylvia London para más información acerca de los pagos.
Información acerca de los pagos:
Puedes pagar en efectivo en el lugar del evento, cheque, tarjeta de crédito y paypal, pero debes de registrarte.

ISI Sunday, June 21st Workshop

Included in ISI registration fee.


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Payment Information:
You may pay by cash onsite, check, credit card, PayPal.

ISI Sunday, June 21st Workshop

$40 USD - If you are not attending ISI, you can still attend the Sunday workshop.

Payment Fee

$795 USD Early registration fee prior to May 1st
$695 USD Students

$895 USD Registration after May 1st
$795 USD Students


Check: please mail to: Harlene Anderson, 1421 Milford, Houston, TX 77006 USA.

Credit card: please send name on credit card, number & amount to Harlene Anderson.

PayPal: Paypal selection on the bottom of the page after registration: Coming soon.

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