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May 14, 2022

International Multilingual Workshop Series

Collaborative-Dialogic Practice in Extraordinary Times: A Contemporary View

3-4 Junio, 2022

Practicas Colaborativas y Dialogicas en tiempos de Crisis

Aprende a reconocer los elementos esenciales para realizar proyectos colaborativos, y realizar conversaciones y diálogos potenciadores en los espacios de trabajo e intervención, pudiendo aplicarlos a
diversas problemáticas emergentes.

June 19, 2022

International Summer Institute Zoom 2022

Harlene Anderson , Sylvia London and Irma (Ñeca) Rodríguez invite you to join them for unique learning, bilingual-multicultural opportunity.
Enjoy their warm hospitality and immerse yourself in exploring postmodern/social construction collaborative philosophy and practices with people from around the world. Learn about the heart and spirit of collaborative practices—a philosophical stance—and experience it in action.

"Step back, take a deep breath and think about your preferred future"
Harlene Anderson

What Others Have Said About Harlene's Courses:

"Harlene is a clear presenter who walks her talk"
"Energizing course. . . I learned so much"
"Now I want to be a supervisor more than ever"
"Interacted with an amazing group of people"