Harlene Anderson

Conference speaker/trainer, business-leadership consultant, author, psychotherapist



Harlene Anderson is recognized internationally as the leading edge of postmodern-social construction informed collaborative-dialogic practice. First developed for use with families and mental health systems, Harlene's approach has proven effective in encouraging successful problem-solving, increasing competence, and achieving sustainable outcomes within organizations, businesses, education, research, and people's every day life.

As a creative thinker, author, therapist, consultant, coach and educator, she takes her tools worldwide to help others create new possibilities and astonishing results for their clients, organizations, and themselves. She embodies her own belief in learning as a lifelong process, encouraging and challenging people to be inquisitive, creative, authentic and open to the ever-present possibilities for newness in others--and in themselves.

Harlene is dedicated to helping people:

Be more successful

In their personal and professional lives

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Discover and Enhance

Their creativities, strengths and resources

Make decisions

Articulate goals, develop strategies and take action

Take control of their lives

With increased competence and confidence; and, achieve balance in their personal and professional lives.

Consultations and Trainings

For over 25 years, Harlene has successfully consulted with and provided training for individuals, universities and businesses around the world.

She is a catalyst known for inspiring audiences and creating conversations that make a difference!

Follow Harlene

Harlene travels the globe offering her professional services via conferences, workshops and private consultations.

You can follow Harlene by visiting the Travels Page and the Events Page.

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